History Of Human Civilizations On Earth
About UFO Research
Natural Law of Karma
True Technologies For Mankind
Nikola Tesla, Scalar Electromagnetics, Free Energy From The Vacuum and Scalar Interferometers
Personal Health- Love Yourself First
Self Mind Control
Fear Nothing
Positive Orgone Energy - The Life Force Energy
Making Orgone Devices
Succor Punch Experiment
Energy - The Pure Essence of Everything
The Psychic Predictions
Let's Talk About Time

This site is created for all human beings of planet Earth, regardless of color and race, with love and compassion, to bring awareness about the things seldom mentioned by mainstream media, purposely kept secret by the world governing entities, and consequently ignored by the general populace. Yet knowledge of such things is important in assisting us to move through life more consciously, graciously and peacefully.

With an open mind and open heart, we talk about ET (extraterrestrial) reality and the history of mankind, UFO research and laws of nature, human technological and spiritual evolution, orgone energy, personal health, what we really are and the secret of life, etc. Information is updated and new topics are added when necessary.

We believe life is a never ending process, and we are “in” this world, not “of” this world. We are divine, energy beings living a life on planet Earth, for the purpose of achieving spiritual evolution through physical experiences. For without a physical body in the material world, such experiences are not achievable.

Because of planetary movement and realignment, our world is now going through accelerated changes. It is hoped that you will find the information provided at this site to be useful and beneficial. This site is free of commercials. Welcome and thank you for visiting!

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