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This site is created with love and compassion for all human beings on Earth; to bring awareness to everyone about the extraterrestrial reality, and the danger we face in our evolution from the individual level to the global scale, which is now going through a very crucial stage of accelerated change and realignment.     
With an open mind and open heart, we also want to explore new knowledge paths that may benefit mankind; new realities that may go beyond our belief system, with the goal of elevating the entire civilization's level of awareness to the COSMIC LEVEL.
Knowing we are not alone, it is hoped that mankind shall unite as one, to love, respect and care for each other regardless of color, race and religion; to work together to correct our mistakes, and to act as a responsible member of the cosmic family.                                      
It is normal that we as human beings don't want to believe in anything unless there is proof. It is our nature to be skeptical and stubborn(ego-induced). But more than often, a truth is simply a truth, it can neither be proven nor can it be disproven. We just know it is true by intuition, by feelings. This knowing comes directly from the heart, and it is more accurate than any informaton processed by the mind.
Understanding life and its process will give us the awareness that we are "in" this world, and not "of" this world. We would be able to live more graciously, peacefully, and free on this planet.    
We are all one, all are one!

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