History Of Human Civilizations On Earth

History Of Human Civilizations On Earth
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Our solar system consists of a sun and nine planets. Earth is the third closest to the sun.
It is a fact that the universe is full of intelligent lives ever since time immemorial. We human beings of planet Earth are just a very small fraction of the whole. Most extraterrestrials are humanoid. Some are exactly like us, and some are with certain variations, such as height and color. This is mainly due to differences in gravitational field and climate of their native planets. The range of height is from 50 centimeters up to as tall as 12 meters (giants or titans), and color covers the entire visible light spectrum and their mixtures. There are also a few intelligent species which are totally different from us, in physicality and shapes, such as the reptilians.


Migration between planets has been ongoing for millions of years among technologically advanced species, with two main reasons: the threat of coming destruction (natural or not, including wars) or dying (cooling off) of home planet which may soon cease to support life, or more than often, overcrowding.


Earth is a beautiful blue planet in the SOL system. Her age is about 4.5 billion years, with 71% of the surface covered by oceans. Earth has been a habitable planet for millions of years, and the home of tens of thousands of different species, of fauna and flora. Rich in resources, Earth has long been visited by star travelers from the most diverse worlds and systems in the universe.


So what about the first human civilization on Earth? In 1859, Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution and was accepted by the scientific community. There is only one problem nobody ever thought of back then- there are intelligent lives elsewhere in the universe, and interstellar travel is a common occurrence. Also, if his Ape-Human theory is correct, why are there still apes on Earth? They should all have evolved into human beings long ago.


Even though we don’t yet have the technology to find concrete evidence about our earliest ancestors, but there is no doubt that they are of extraterrestrial origin. In Billy Meier’s contact report, the Plejaren, who are human beings from the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) system in the constellation of Taurus, about 400+ years from us, offered the following information:


-       A little over 50,000 years ago, 70,000 human beings fled the war from their home world (the Pleiades) and settled here on Earth. And for the next 10,000 years, they constructed great cities and inhabited all continents of Earth.


-       Negative human nature of greed for power and control then caused a deadly war, raging over the entire planet. All were destroyed. Those who were able to flee into the cosmos settled in faraway worlds. And a few thousand survivors were left behind, who degenerated and became wild.


-       7,000 years later, descendants of those who fled returned. They built huge cities on the continent of Atlantis and Mu, and lived peacefully for thousands of years. 15,000 years ago, a few power hungry scientists staged a coup but failed and were forced to go into exile to a nearby solar system. Having extended their lifespan via genetic manipulation, these evil people then returned to Earth after 2,000 years, and settled in the then North Pole region (the present State of Florida in America).


-       Wars were fought, and in a few millenniums, they succeeded in destroying the civilization of Atlantis and Mu, completely.


-       Many great scientists were able to flee, back to their home world in the Pleiades.


-       The conquerors then ruled the earth. Some mated with wild female beings and mutations who were distant descendants of former human beings from outer space, thus created new forms of life of dwarf like, gigantic or animal like.


-       Human beings of good forms were created also, notably Eva and Adam. And according to different races of the originals, new groups and tribes developed over time, into present Earth mankind.


-       Later on, having developed some degree of spirituality, the major leaders decided to return to their home world in the Pleiades and leave the development of earth humans to their natural course.


Modern day Earth is now home to a variety of human races, of black, brown, white, yellow, and red color. There is also a very minority of blue skin humans. It seems that all races share the same ancestors of human beings from different star systems, such as Vega of the constellation of Lyra, Pleiades of the constellation of Taurus, and others, etc.


Obviously, after the departure of the main dominant race, certain destructive event(s) happened afterwards on the Earth, which completely wiped out civilizations again. Survivors were left with nothing and had to evolve from the very beginning. The events may most possibly be man-made, such as wars of global scale, or natural, such as huge meteor(s) strike.


We, as the current civilization of the Earth, may well be heading into another major home planet killing event, if we do not stop polluting Earth’s atmosphere and work harder to reverse global warming.


We can see that the typical human behavior of destroy and rebuild dates back to tens of thousands of years. It is a vicious circle. And human beings on Earth continue to relive horrible experiences, again and again.


Apollo 20 discovery:

In the year 2007, William Rutledge, a former employee of Bell Laboratory and USAF, uploaded several film footages on YouTube, which Mr. Rutledge said were taken by the crew(Mr. Rutledge included) of the Apollo 20 mission in August 1976. The official Apollo 20 flight was cancelled by NASA in 1970. Mr. Rutledge said the real Apollo 20 mission took place in 1976 as a secret joint American-Soviet lunar mission to explore a huge cigar-shaped ancient alien spaceship, originally found by Apollo 15's moon surface scanning mission in 1971. This spaceship had been there(on the back side of the Moon) for a very long time. Its length is about 4 to 5 kilometers (2.485 to 3.107 miles) long.

William Rutledge stated this alien spaceship's age was estimated to be 1.5 million years old. It was a mother ship. One major finding inside were two bodies One intact, humanoid, who looks just like an Earth female of Polynesian origin, except each of her hands has six fingers. She was a pilot, with piloting device fixed to fingers and eyes. The crew nicknamed her "Mona Lisa E.B.E."

She was well preserved; thanks to the Moon's no atmosphere, no bacteria environment. They actually reported back to the Mission Control of her condition as "not dead, not live." The other body was destroyed, but they did bring the head on board. This alien had blue-gray skin. Mr. Rutledge also mentioned that the spaceship was found to have already been explored before.

Notice that the Moon was captured by Earth's gravity some five hundred thousand years ago. So it is very possible such an occurrence happened long before this planet(Moon) entered our solar system. The spaceship is verified to be on the official NASA Moon photos. One of them was taken by Apollo 15, 1971, #AS15-P-9630. This is not a hoax. Although there are websites saying that it is. Beware of disinformation efforts. William Rutledge's videos were later on removed from the YouTube site.

One of the videos also showed a small acient alien city. It seems that the other side of the Moon not visible to us is full of foreign objects which have yet to be disclosed to the general public.      


Click to watch the videos below (avi format, please be patient for the selected video to load):

Alien Spaceship On The Moon- Flyover before landing APOLLO 20

Alien Spaceship On The Moon- Stills from APOLLO 20

APOLLO 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa 16mm Film Shot Inside Lunar Module

APOLLO 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa TV Unscheduled Transmission