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How does it work- the Theory: Organic matrix material mixed with metal particles is called Orgonite, which attracts DOR and transmutes it into POR, also called "Balanced Life Enhancing Energy", and send it back out. Adding quartz crystals intensifies this process. A quartz crystal absorbs, stores, regulates, amplifies and releases energy. Adding other gemstones will also "color" such energy with their metaphysical properties.


My first HHG. Dome shaped. 5" in diameter. It is most suitable for a large room.

I learned about Wihelm Reich and orgone energy in the year 2006, while looking into energy related research materials. Back then, orgone devices were still in their early stage of development and popularity. In the spring of 2007, I made my first HHG with fiberglass resin, copper and steel shavings, some BBs, five quartz crystals, a flat regular coil, and a magnet for grounding. The resin has a strong smell and is very sticky. I wore a mask and disposable hand gloves for protection. I waited two hours for the resin to cure before pouring it out of the mold. Right away, I felt it radiating out strong energy. The pressure/force was very intense and could be felt in the entire room. It was just amazing -an instant confirmation of the Theory.
The strong energy emission from the HHG continues throughout the night, and then started to weaken in the morning. I believe right after it was poured out of the mold it's energy cleansing function kicked in and accelerated.  After a period of about 20 hours and the energy environment in my house was fairly clean, it settled down to a steady state. I put this one in the living room. Excited and with much more confidence, I made my second HHG the next day, and put it on the night stand in the bedroom. Throughout the night It felt like my body was engulfed and zapped by a strong energy presence. It was hard to fall into sleep at first and I woke up with a sore lower right leg. I did hurt my right knee mildly from trail running not too long ago. Apparently the HHG was trying to clear the energy blockage and by night time the entire leg felt perfectly normal again. This experience tells me that an orgone device is capable of interact and enhance the energy flow of a human body. It can also act as an energy freshener within the effective area. The DOR level in your living environment would be kept at minimum, if not completely free *. (see notes)
What's important about an orgone device is its metaphysical quality. Following are some orgone devices I made over a period of two years. Please note that I don't sell orgonites. Information provided herein is for DIY reference use only.


This HHG is 4" high, 3.25" in diameter. I gave one of these as gift to a young flooring professional who had done a great job installing laminate floor for my house. He had been suffering from chronic abdominal pain for a couple of years. And doctors could not find out why. Four months later he paid me a surprise visit to thank me for the miraculous cure of his health problem -the chronic pain was gone. It is then I realized his years of lifting heavy flooring material must have created some sort of energy blockage in the abdomen; no physical damage was done but enough to cause pain. The HHG cleared such blockage over time and healed him. How much more joyful can we both be! I also found out he is as energy sensitive as I. He can feel the presence of an orgone device from a few feet away.



Size and  shape affect each HHG's energy level, so as different kind of metal particles, crystals and gemstones used. This pyramid has a base of 6". It has the configuration of the Giza pyramid in Egypt with the golden ratio φ (phi). A large Arkansas DT quartz crystal (3.5" long, 1.5" in diameter) is located vertically at the center with tip visible at the top, and four smaller DT quartz crystals were situated horizontally near the bottom facing each side. Some tumbled garnet were added. There is also a SBB coil and a magnet at the bottom. Casted with Casting Craft's clear polyester resin, this pyramid HHG used quite a lot of material, but it is worth the expense. It looks good sitting right above the fireplace in the family room and is powerful enough to cover the entire floor of the house.



This 6" high pyramid was made using a pyramid candle mold. But I prefer the Giza pyramid configuration as the one shown above.


 This dome shaped HHG is 3" high, 4" in diameter. It is made with a martini glass mold. 


This HHG is small but powerful, suitable for a standard room; size is 2 1/4" to 2 1/2" in diameter and height. It can be placed on a night stand next to your bed or on the desk in the office. I added some tumbled garnet, and put an SBB coil at the bottom for enhancement, plus a magnet (north side facing the tip, also at the bottom) for grounding purpose. 



HHG with a decorative twist. It says "Big fortune" in traditional Chinese(Taiwan). The sticker is casted in. It is always fun to get creative. 



This SBB consists of  a conical SBB coil with 9 gemstones(sugilite beads) mounted on, brass shavings, a quartz crystal wrapped by a regular coil in the center and a magnet (north facing the flat side) at the bottom. Orgone energy is diredted to radiate out from the flat side. It is for personal therapeutic use to normalize,  re-balance and enhance the energy part of your being . It is 2.25" high and the bottom is 2.25" in diameter.



This is the first pendant I made, using a small Asian rice wine shot glass mold. It consists of a slightly conical SBB coil, brass shavings, 9 gemstones(sugilite beads) and a magnet. It is 1.75" in diameter and .625" thick.  Wearing an orgone pendant enhances your etheric body. It also protects you from harmful DOR wherever you go.




This pendant was made with clear epoxy resin and transparent light green dye. It is more confortable to wear as it is smaller and lighter than the one above. The mold is a reusable polyethylene Cabochon Mold  #430. An orgone pendant is an SBB, by the way. You have the option of putting it in the pocket. Just make sure the flat side should face the skin.



This is a hand made SBB coil using 16 gauge copper wire.  It was derived from a crop circle formation and found to be able to direct energy flow. When it is positioned clockwise, like this one, energy moves away from you. This is what it should look like on the bottom of a HHG. Energy moves into the flat bottom and comes out from the side and tip of the HHG. Goggle "how to make an SBB coil"  and you will find a certan website with an one page tutorial teaching people how to wind such a coil, but its indication of the direction of energy flow is just the opposite of what it should be. I am not sure if this mistake is intentionally made, for misinformation purpose. So beware!



 Cone-shaped SBB coil, used as the backbone of an SBB. A smaller and slightly cone-shaped version can be used for pendant. Energy moves into the tip and sides of the device and out from the flat bottom.


  • Orgone devices have been gaining popularity over the years, as more and more people are becoming aware and wary of the harmful DOR in our environment. Although you can buy them from vendors on the Internet, it would cost a lot less if you make your own. Especially if you intend to also help your family and friends, and do some orgone gifting in the neighborhood. Quality is assured and creation is always fun. Craft skill does help but you will get better over time. Material procurement is important, and so as knowledge. But you can spend a lot of time reading and studying, without hand-on experience, all you know is just conceptual. Don't expect to make your masterpiece on the first try. Just do it and start with simple TBs and HHGs, then move on to make SBBs and pendants. Once an orgonite is pulled out of the mold, you can sand and spray it with clear gloss resin spray to obtain a smooth, shining look and finish. Don't complicate your devices too much. Mixing gemstones may produce negative effects if their metaphysical properties are in conflict with each other. Extra coils can be counter-effective too.


  • *A human being's life force energy can get out of balance and symptoms of discomfort can occur and persist. The cause of such an energy defect can be physical, psychological or consciousness related. An orgone device such as an HHG or SBB can help to re-balance, normalize and enhance a person's energy being, by clearing blockages; it works similarly to Chinese acupuncture, only in a broader way. But keep in mind that orgone device is not a cure-all thing. It is best viewed as an aid. Your overall health condition still depends mainly on your diet, lifestyle and mental state. You can have an HHG around and still carry negative energy if you constantly have negative thoughts. People who experienced severe personal trauma especially need to excercise self mind control, as explained on the other page.


  • Placing an HHG underneath the bed with its tip pointing up to the torso area when you sleep can keep you warm, especially in cold winter nights. You can also place one underneath a couch or recliner, and sit in comfortably for a 30 minute orgone therapy whenever you like. It is advised not to drink anything ice cold in the first two hours after. The tingling feelings in the skin is a sign you can feel energy travelling through the channels and pressure points. Very energy sensitive people  would describe it as "being plugged into an electrical outlet". Personally I would say it feels like the entire body is in a boiling mode.


  • House plants love orgone energy too. I see obvious difference in three weeks, if plants are within a foot of an HHG.

  • Place an HHG in the car is a good idea. I have one Velcroed on the center console. The pressure of more orgone energy presence can be felt when I drive through certain areas around town. Those places mush have strong DOR which causes the HHG to accelerate its energy cleansing process. Avoid such areas.

  • Sugilite is probably the most energetic gemstones on our planet. It is often found mixed with manganese. Sugilite alone with its metaphysical property can have great healing effect on humans. And I found it is the best gemstone to use in making SBBs and pendants. But this gemstone is quite rare and thus pricey. There are lots of fake or artificially colored sugilite stones on the market. Beware!

  • Arkansas and Brazillian quartz crystals are the best in hardness and quality. If you can, use DT (double-terminated) crystals for their better energy transmission capability.

  • Orgone energy may bring up your psyche over time; it can heighten the vibration of your being. You may notice a consciousness shift. This is quite subtle and it may vary from person to person. But if you are interested in orgone energy and have been doing your research thus far, your level is already above average. 



   1. Resin fume is toxic. Make sure you wear a high quality respirator for protection, and only work in a well-ventilated area. I prefer fiberglass resin over epoxy. Epoxy is extremely adhesive and only polypropylene and silicon molds are suitable for casting, while any kind of mold is good with fiberglass resin except acrylic type. Resin and its catalyst mix produces high heat during curing. Be careful!

   2. Orgone devices are energy cleaners/refreshers. To call them energy generators can be misleading. Their presence does affect relative energy densities around the house. basically you want a balanced environment. Just pay attention to the house plants. If they show obvious weakness in some areas/rooms, you may want to rearrange where you place the devices. There will be rejuvenating effects if you switch them around every three months. It is also a good idea to put one near the microwave oven in the kitchen. By the way, eating microwave cooked foods may be hazardous to your health. Research showed decreased nutritional value, cancer-making compounds and brain-damaging radiolytics in virtually all microwave-prepared foods. I only use my oven to defrost or reheat food.

   3. Unless you are very psychic, you cannot see energy. And most people are not sensitive enough to feel it. But as an owner of orgone devices, trust and love are essential to enjoy the full benefit they provide. A suspicious and distrusting mind can generate negative thought-forms which may disrupt your reception of positive orgone radiation (POR). It is also our bodies' built-in nature to get accustomed to new environment quickly. Thus you may soon think your device(s) have gone stale and quit working. That is far from the truth.

Energy is the pure essence of everything; it is creation itself; it is joy, love, light and unity. And we are all one! All are one!