Nikola Tesla, Scalar Electromagnetics, Free Energy From The Vacuum and Scalar Interferometers

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Nikola Tesla, Scalar Electromagnetics, Free Energy From The Vacuum and Scalar Interferometers
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Nikola Tesla (1856 -1943), the greatest inventor, electrical engineer, scientist ever lived; whose work affected the fate of mankind to an extent not yet being realized.

Nikola Tesla, of Serbian origin, attended Technical University in Graz, Austria and the University of Prague. He also studied physics and mathematics at Graz polytechnic. As a young electrical engineer, he first invented the famous alternating current (AC) induction motor and rotating magnetic field. It is said that he had a vision which is above normal human capacity; he could see energy around him in the form of flashes of light.

Tesla sailed to America in 1884, and was immediately hired by Thomas Edison, an advocate of the inferior DC power transmission system. Soon they became rivals because Tesla came up with a much cheaper, more practical AC power transmission system, in direct competition with Edison.

Tesla, a genius born before his time, soon discovered there is electromagnetic energy freely flowing in the vacuum which is readily available for the taking, and suggested extracting such energy for the world to use, instead of using fossil fuel as the main energy source.

Free energy means great fortune for mankind but diminishing profit potential to the then emerging oil industry. The suppression of Tesla's idea and work began and it continues until this date.
Tesla's projects were declined of funding and he was put to total financial ruin, up until his death in 1943. But his legend and reputation as the world's greatest electrical engineer ever lived is still unchallenged. It is important to note that right after his death Russian agents confiscated all of his research papers and notes. Energy is the pure essence of all things, seen and unseen. If one can control and manipulate energy, one can accomplish great dominance over the world, and beyond. It is safe to assume that Russia had subsequently developed energy weaponry of enormous power, using Tesla's unpublicized theories and inventions.

Scalar Electromagnetics: There is continuous energy flow in the active vacuum, in the form of scalar (also called longitudinal) electromagnetic wave pairs. When interact with matter, an electromagnetic force field is created. With proper control and switching technique, this enormous, never ending free energy is free for any one to take and use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Tomas Beardon in his book "Oblivion" talked about a super weapon, first developed by the then Soviet Union in the cold war, using Tesla's technology, which he called "Scalar interferometer" or "Tesla Howitzer", and the Russians call it "Energetics". How credible is Tomas Beardon's claim remains a question, but it is interesting to know of such weapon's possible existence.

In 1960, the chief director of the then Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev made the following statement while speaking to the Presidium:  "We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth."

A scalar interferometer is said to have two antennas (transmitters), they transmit scalar EM waves to create an energetic effect in the target area. The scalar EM waves travel in the curvature of space-time higher than three dimensional space, so there is no distance nor time restraint. Such EM waves can contain different hidden dynamics to create desired energetic effects.    
If Russia does possess such weapons of mass destruction, wecan bet other powerful countries would have developed similar devices too, especially the United States. The HARRP (High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program) facility in Alaska may just be it. The HAARP website clearly states "HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes".                                  
Energy weaponry, if effective, can be the mother of all weapons; it can manipulate weather to create superstorms, drought and flood; it can cause earthquakes and tsunamis, and it can wipe out an entire enemy combatants and equipments in a large effective area . It seems that we human beings would go to the extremes to try to gain power over others. In the end there will be no winners. Einstein once said " Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity". His observation seems quite accurate and right to the point.