Sujets et corrigés des sessions et du probatoire D au Cameroun: Le Portail des sciences humaines et des savoirs. What time does the train from Ngaoundere get to Yaounde reach, get, come, arrive Clue to get to but arrive at 3. Ici, il s’agit d’un passé révolu d’où When Peter was Le génie civil F4. Et les individus issus de ce croisement?

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When I went to my village, I saw many changes: Our team is quite formidable and strong form noun …………………………. Lasséni site web mardi, 08 avril Dans ce cas, quand on a deux actions du passé, la première à s’être produite est au past perfect et la deuxième au simple past. Have they, haven’t they, hasn’t they?

Le Portail des sciences humaines et des savoirs. I – Complete these sentences with the appropriate words of your own 5 marks. II- Complete the following sentences with appropriate words chosen from the brackets. I – Fill in the blanks spaces with the correct word chosen from the following list 5marks. II- Complete the following sentences with words chosen from the brackets 5 marks.

Dans cette phrase, on a un indicateur du simple present: Il s’agit alors des actions habituelles, ce que Jimmy fait chaque fois.

Epreuve des SVT, PROBATOIRE BLANC N°1, Série: A4

De plus on a Jimmy qu’on peut remplacer par  »He » d’où ces terminaisons. Camreoun cette phrase, on utilise le 2nd conditional car il s’agit d’un souhait, d’un voeux.

C’est pourquoi malgré I, on utilise were à la place de was. Beyonce If i were a boy Ici, il s’agit d’un passé révolu d’où When Peter was Have they, haven’t they, hasn’t they? Dans ce cas, on utilise has pour la première réponse, mais haven’t they pour la 2 e car les tournures avec every, any, some body, one forment leur tag question au pluriel, dans ce cas, haven’t.

Do not change the sense of any sentence. Jack said that  » He had lost his keys and he couldn’t open the door » Il s’agit ici du reported or indirect speech, ce qui implique des changements au niveau des verbes et epreuvee personnels Les éléments à changer ont été soulignés.

I was born in Yaounde. In spite o f his intelligence, Affizie failed the Probatoire examination.

epreuve probatoire a4 cameroun

In spite of the fact that Affizie was intelligent, he failed his examination. D ans cette phrase on commence par In spite of. Or après ce mot de liaison on utilise un nom au lieu du verbe comme c’est le cas avec although. If i were you, i would see the doctor immediately. O n donne dans ce cas un conseil et on veut se mettre à la place de l’autre sans être lui, d’où l’emploi du second conditional et de were à la place de was comme deja signalé plus haut.

I haven’t got anything to do now. Bridegroom, young man, husband – to – be, boy. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write in the space provided. You may make other changes you find necessary. The training course takes three years. It’s a three years training course.


Without is father’s help, we wouldn’t have got the job. If his father hadn’t helped him, he wouldn’t have got the job. Don’t eat uncooked food.

Avoid eating uncooked food. Après avoid, enjoy, like, stop etc. Although we had the map we got lost. It’s taken me a year to save up for my bike 1-d. They will pay for letting him to escape 2- a.

Complete the following sentences with appropriate words or expressions from the brackets. What time does the train from Ngaoundere get to Yaounde reach, get, come, arrive Clue to get to but arrive at. You can look up the number in the phone directory index, dictionary, directory, register Clue repertoire en anglais. Janet has a good job. I’m sure she earns over five hindred thousand francs gains, earns, receives, wins Clue earn gagner de l’argent.

Make sure you use your time sensibly. Write the appropriate form of the word in brackets in the space provided. Membership of the English Club is open to everybody member clue les mots renvoyant au groupe se forment avec le suffixe ship dans la plupart des cas partnership ex. The internet can enable people coommunicate with those who are thousands of kilometres away able verb to enable.

The Manager asked his secretary to computerize the data computer Clue, verb to computerize. Nina accidentally set their house on fire while playing fire accident Clue ici adverbe d’où suffixe – ally. One of the attractions of Cameroon is the Buea Mountain attract Clue ici il fallait former un nom d’où – ion. Match a word in column A with a word in column B to form compound words. Use each item only once. I- Complete each blank with the correct word chosen from the ones in the brackets.

If i were a bird, i would fly to the village at once was, were, am Were ici car il émet un voeux, un souhait. Il n’est pas un oiseau. Dans ce type de conditional, on utilise were à la place de was. II- Complete each of the sentences below with the correct form of the item in the brackets.

Après without, le verbe se met à la forme ING. I- Match each of the items in column A with one in column B so as to form a meaningful phrase. Writ your answer in the space provided. II- Complete each of the sentences below with a correct word of your own. I- Choose from the brackets the word, phrase or verb that best compltes each sentence.

II- Match each phrase from column B to the part it agrees with column A.


Copy out the epreue sentences in the spaces provided below. Nous avons souligné des indices qui peuvent vous aider. I- Choose the appropriate words from the list below to complete the passage.

epreuve probatoire a4 cameroun

Consult, malaria, healthy, fight, examining, neat, hospital, prescribe, mosquitoes. To fight against malariawe must first of prboatoire eliminate all mosquitoes. This can be done by keeping our surrounding neat and avoiding standing water. However, if after all these, we end up with malaria; we need to consult a doctor in a proper hospital. After examining us, he will prescribe some medications that will make us healthy again. II- Circle the word in which the underlinde sound is pronounced differently.

III- Write the opposite of the underlined word. Fill in the blank spaces by choosing the most appropriate word or phrase from the brackets. Dans ce cas, quand on a deux actions du passé, la première à s’être produite est q4 past perfect et la deuxième au simple past.


Form tag-questions from the following sentences. Clue quand on n’a pas pgobatoire verbe auxiliaire, un modal, on utilise « do » et celui s’accorde en genre, en nombre et en fonction du temps du verbe de la phrase. T he prince said epeuve « He had had many difficulties the year epreuvve Clue RP: This pen belongs to someone. Make the necessary changes where needed. I still failed the exams. No matter the fact that i studied or had studied hard i still failed the exams.

The boys played the match. In spite of the heavy rain, the boys played the match. He abandoned his home. Tired of his violent wife or the violence of his wifehe abandoned the house. The rains returned in October. Until the rains returned in October or the returnal of the rainthe farmers will not plant the crops.

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Peter arrived at Tabi’s village. By the time Tabi leaves or left the village, Peter will have arrived or would have arrived at Probayoire village. I- Match the beginnings of the sentences in column A with the endings in Column B. Write the complete sentences in the lines provided.

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Firefighters managed to put out the flames after two hours. Metal melted from the intense heat inside the burning car. The streets are crowded due to the traffic jam. Bill turned the light switch but there was a power cut. You can cross the railway line by walking over a foot path. It’s getting hard to breath due to air pollution. Mary put cameroyn key in the lock but it wouldn’t turn.